As part of the BAR initiative, we are launching a set of resources aimed to help share information and opportunities among the global artists’ book community. These include:

New Artists’ Book Announcements

In order to make information about new publications/objects available to the community we have set up a distribution list and online resource (link) to share information about new artists’ books. These can be unique, limited or large editions. There is a fee for submission and details and the form are at (link).

Directory of Book Arts criticism platforms

A list (link) of online and print platforms accepting pitches/submissions and publishing reviews, criticism and related content about the book arts. Suggested additions to the list should be submitted through this form.

Ongoing comments/discussion about BAR content

This will be a moderated forum with the discussion available online. Selected comments/threads may also be included in subsequent copies of the print journal. Comments on all BAR content may be submitted via the BAR web pages (detail on what to click?).


Book Art Review Artists’ Book Announcements

Share the news of your new publication with other artists, critics, librarians, and collectors.

Subscribe to this once/twice monthly email listing here.

Upcoming Programs

Over the past year, BAR’s founders have moderated and participated in a number of public programs related to book art criticism. Learn more about our past activities and tune into upcoming events below. 

Talk: How Is It A Book? Book Art Review and A New Model for Criticism

Thursday, April 14, 2022
6 – 8 pm PT
San Francisco Center for the Book (in-person & live streaming)

Books have long been recognized as a key medium for artists. In today’s climate the book form is leveraged to share ideas, perspectives, outrage, protest, humor, and beauty.

Book Art Review is a criticism initiative from Center for Book Arts, developed over the last two years, to create a platform for critical writing about artists’ books. The projects include workshops, public talks, and a magazine. With the first issue publishing in March 2022 in print and online, this talk will consider the new approaches to book art criticism embodied in the essays and reviews in the first issue.

For her presentation, BAR editor Megan N. Liberty will introduce the theme of the first issue, “A New Manifesto for Book Art Criticism,” and discuss some of the successes and challenges of encouraging new writers—new to criticism or new to book art—to answer the question, how is it a book?, one of the founding principles of BAR’s approach to artists’ book criticism.

Past Programs

Writing, Connecting, & Criticism

February 25, 2022
3:00pm EST
Multiple Formats – Boston University

A panel discussion including BAR founders Megan N. Liberty, Corina Reynolds, and David Solo.

Organize, Perform, Disrupt

February 26, 2022
3:00pm EST
Multiple Formats – Boston University

A panel about artist publishing including Kevin Cadena, Shiraz Gallab, Jinu Hong, Corina Reynolds, and Asta Thrastardottir.

Read and Write about Artist Books:
Approaches to Art Book Criticism

July 15, 2021
6:30pm EST
Brooklyn Art Book Fair

Moderated by Megan N. Liberty featuring Lee Ann Norman (Brooklyn Rail, Hyperallergic) and Tausif Noor (Book Art Review, New York Times, Artforum)

The Photobook Sessions

May 20, 2021
Kraszna-Krausz Foundation and Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

Criticism and Language

Panel discussion featuring Tanvi Mishra (Pix; Caravan Journal); Christiane Monarchi (Photomonitor; Hapax); Eugenie Shinkle (C4 Journal). Chaired by David Solo (Kraszna-Krausz Foundation)

Distribution and Community

Panel discussion featuring Ana Casas Broda (Hydra + Fotografia), Anne Nwakalor (No! Wahala), Daria Tuminas (Fotodok). Chaired by Shoair Mavlian (Photoworks)

Promoting Artists’ Book Criticism and Scholarship through Collaboration:
We All Want the Same Thing (But What Is It?)

May 12, 2021
ARLIS/NA 49th Annual Conference

Featuring Corina Reynolds (Center for Book Arts), Giana Ricci (New York University), David Solo (Independent Researcher), moderated by Deirdre Donohue.

Contemporary Artist Book Conference

Critical Convening sessions on Book Art Criticism at the 2021 Contemporary Artist’s Book Conference organized by Megan N. Liberty, Corina Reynolds, and David Solo

Terminology and Contextualizing Historic Material

Feb 26, 2021

Convening session featuring Tiffany Barber, Colette Gaiter, Megan N. Liberty, Kinohi Nishikawa, Corina Reynolds, David Senior, Tate Shaw, Levi Sherman, Vivian Sming, David Solo as discussion instigators.

Approaches to Criticism for Activist Material as Artist’s Books and Publishing as Practice

Feb 27, 2021

Convening session featuring Maymanah Farhat, Emily Larned, Megan N. Liberty, Mar González Palacios, Corina Reynolds, Kayla Romberger, Levi Sherman, Victor Sira, and David Solo.

The Temperature of Artists Book Criticism

Feb 28, 2021

Closing Plenary: An unmoderated open forum for discussion.