Susan Kapuscnski Gaylord


“In 1978,  I began my life in the arts at our kitchen table with pen, ink, and a growing collection of instructional calligraphy books. My love of words was the foundation that grew into a fascination with letterform, design, and expressive mark-making. A series created after the birth of my first child led me to the handmade book as I sought a more personal and intimate home for my thoughts and images. My early books with calligraphy and text transitioned to wordless ones, first with photocopier imagery and then with natural materials. The Spirit Books, ongoing since 1992, express my reverence for both the book and nature. In the past several years, I have returned to words with a renewed energy and a freer spirit.” 

Susan works in multiple media with a focus on sculptural bookmaking and calligraphy. Her work has been featured in magazines (Somerset Studio, Fiberarts, Bound & Lettered, and Letter Arts Review) and books (1,000 Artists’ Books, 500 Handmade Books, 500 More Handmade Books, Cover to Cover, The Art of the Handmade Book, and Handmade Books And Cards). It has been exhibited across the U.S. and in Canada and South Korea. 

I have been making handmade books since 1988. My most significant work is an ongoing series called The Spirit Books which combine my love of books and nature. After over 20 years of teaching bookmaking in schools, I now share instructional videos for super simple bookmaking with recycled materials on my YouTube channel (susangaylord). I appreciate any connecting with fellow artists that can be done online.


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