Shirin Salehi


Shirin Salehi (b. 1982, Tehran), is a Spanish-Iranian visual artist, art researcher and teacher living and working in Madrid and New York. Her work is mainly developed in the field of printmaking in relation to other languages as drawing, sculpture/ceramics and artist’s books, working with poetry with what she has a strong relationship due to her Iranian cultural and biographical background. She has worked as art teacher for almost a decade and has written essays on the poetics of the artistic process.She has held conferences in various schools of Art and institutions such as the Prado National Museum. Her work has been awarded with numerous national and European prizes. In the last ten years, she has spent various periods working in various residency programs such as Académie de France à Madrid, Il Bisonte Foundation in Florence, and Fundação Bienal de Cerveira in Portugal. Her work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany.