Scott Munro


Scott Munro is a 51-year-old South Florida native who has been a hostage of the State since being shot in the back several times by a SWAT team in 1997. He is a partial recovering paraplegic and cancer survivor, who continues to thrive and strive to regain his freedom against all odds. He enjoys life and maintaining a demented sense of humor.

He participates in Between the Lines, a series of collaborative art workshops by correspondence, in order to cultivate his skills as an artist and writer. His contributions will be exhibited in The Power of We, a large-scale public art exhibition, supported by We, Women Photo, that will travel across the U.S. to venues in Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago, and New Orleans.

Between the Lines Broadside:

Commissioned by Center for Book Arts 2021 Workspace Artist in Residence Rowan Renée for their Between the Lines project, this edition of 100 broadsides is a collaboration between NYC-based artist Claudia Cortínez & queer incarcerated artist Scott Munro.

Cortínez connected immediately to the directness and staccato of Munro’s writing—how in a single paragraph, he can traverse from childhood memories of nature and freedom to the pain and loss felt over a lifetime. These vivid descriptions of Munro’s childhood helped inspire Cortínez’s broadside design. The broadside depicts the underside of a lily pad–its veins and umbilical cord stem at once bodily, broken, and beautiful when printed through the liquidy imprecision of cyanotype chemistry.

All proceeds from this broadside—and the other five that are part of the series—directly benefit organizations supporting queer incarcerated artists.

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