Marilyn R. Rosenberg


Philosophy, practice- process, product – promulgation – As usual, MRR’s works, visual and asemic poems, are actual images first made with pens and brush, inks and gouache, pencils and misc. media on papers, made on the drawing board often as part of artists’ books/bookworks. Later these pages and sheets are often scanned into the computer to change and merge, transmuted clones-virtual images. Sometimes these works move on to publishers to become print editions or to be part of publications as blogs. Many unique and edition works become part of university or museum library collections.


  • Altered Books
  • Artist Books
  • Editions & Multiples
  • Poetry
  • Printmaking
  • Sculptural Books
  • Design
  • Digital Arts
  • Drawing
  • Interdisciplinary/Hybrid
  • Literary/Writing
  • Painting
  • Visual and Asemic Poetry
  • Artists’ Stamps
  • Artists’ Book Marks
  • Mail art
  • Computer Collage