Jevijoe Vitug


Jevijoe Vitug (b.1977) is a Philippine born artist living and working in New York City whose project-based work ranges from painting, photography, digital, sculptural objects to performance, community-based projects and curatorial projects. His work often touches on the notion of reinvention through various mash-ups of contradiction. In response to constant change brought by environmental and technological shifts, his “multi-functional” projects focus on the confluence between the ideal and the real, the past and the future, the local and the global.

Vitug earned his BFA from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, Philippines in 1998 and his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, California, United States in 2015.
His solo exhibitions include American Dreamzzz at San Francisco Art Institute Graduate Program Studios (2015), Terra Infirma at Left of the Center Gallery, Las Vegas (2014), Wasteland/ Oasis at 5th Wall Gallery, Las Vegas (2013), How To’s at Winchester Cultural Center, Las Vegas (2012), Before/After: Nuclear Weapons Testing Legacy at 5th Wall Gallery, Las Vegas (2012), The Truns at Manila Contemporary, Philippines (2011), Source of Living at Pablo Gallery, Manila, Philippines (2010).

He has participated in various international group exhibitions including #makeamericagreatagain at White Box, New York (2016), Promdi Archipelago at Bliss on Bliss, New York (2014), Soledad y Compania at LA Galeria, Colombia (2014), Traveling Miracle Show at Reno Art Works, Reno, Nevada (2013), Parallel Lines at Paul Nache Gallery, New Zealand (2013), Queer Manila, Manila Contemporary, Philippines (2012), Yet Another Tea Party at Neant Bleu, Berlin, Germany (2011), Art in the Parking Space, LAX ART, Los Angeles (2011), 21st Asian International Art Exhibition at Singapore Art Museum (2006).

Vitug has curated and organized various exhibitions and projects such as Eco Logic at Contemporary Art Center in Las Vegas (2014), Rainbow 7: London Biennale Satellite at PUAH Gallery, Henderson, Nevada and The Contemporary Arts Center, Las Vegas (2012), Overflow with David Medalla and Adam Nankervis at Space Gallery, Las Vegas (2011), Tupada Action and Media Art at Cultural Center of the Philippines (2007). Since 2008, Vitug is a founding member of an international cohort called Building a Nation with collaborators Sara Eliassen from Norway and Carlos Castro from Colombia, and he has had numerous performance-based projects in the United States, Japan, Colombia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia and Argentina.