Ellen Sheffield


Ellen Sheffield’s works on paper and artist’s books combine text and image in unexpected ways. Her interest in juxtaposing visual techniques—materials, design, mark-making, and printing processes—with written language—essays, poetry, and hybrid writing—drives Sheffield’s collaborations with other artists and writers including Lewis Hyde, Fanny Howe, and Andrew Grace.

Recently Sheffield’s work has explored themes of race and class in Gambier, OH—the rural community she lives in. Her work is informed in part by research into local African American history completed by her husband, Ric Sheffield—a Kenyon College Professor of Sociology.

Sheffield teaches at Kenyon College in the Art Department and runs the studio Unit IV Arts. Her artist’s books have been collected by the Beinecke Library, Yale Collection of American Literature at Yale University, the Ella Strong Denison Library at Scripps College, and many others.


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