Edee Allynnah Davis


Edee Allynnah Davis envisions the intersection of tranz-liberation and prison abolition through comix, illustration, and erotic art. In 2016, her work was included in On the Inside, a group exhibition of currently incarcerated LGBTQ+ artists at Abrons Art Center, curated by Tatiana von Fürstenberg in collaboration with Black and Pink. She serves on the advisory board for A.B.O. Comix, in Oakland, California, alongside the wonderful founder Casper Cendre and other members of her inside LGBTQ+ family.

Her comix are included in A Queer Prisoner’s Anthology volumes 2, 3, and 4, published by A.B.O, which led to her contributions being recognized in 2021, when she was awarded the Gender Reveal Artist Grant for Trans/POC artists committed to expanding gender diversity. She participates in the pARTner project, a correspondence-based art mentorship program supported by Justice Arts Coalition, through which she was paired with the beautiful and inspiring mentor Rowan Renee.

She is of Native ancestral descent; her mother and grandmother were both beautiful women of the Blackfoot Confederation. Accordingly, as a Tranzfemale, she is to be respected and revered within Native cultures as having extraordinary spiritual insight and wisdom, as do all two-spirited LGBTQ+ Natives.

She is held as a Prisoner of War currently sentenced to LIFE in an all-male facility in Texas, just as her ancestors were held prisoner upon reservations after they were forced off their sacred homeland. She envisions universal harmony among humanity where Different is Not a Dirty Word. For everyone reading this, if you are different you are not dirty. You always have been and always will be Uniquely Beautiful.

Between the Lines Broadside:

As part of their Between the Lines Project, Center for Book Arts 2021 Workspace Artist in Residence Rowan Renée collaborated with Edee Allynah Davis on an edition of 100 broadsides titled Tranzquility.

Tranzquility, explores everyday rituals of comfort and joy, alongside the larger vision for systemic change that brings together trans-liberation and prison abolition movements. The design is vibrant and uplifting with the intention that art, community, and friendship can bring light and love into some of the harshest environments.

All proceeds from this broadside—and the other five that are part of the series—directly benefit organizations supporting queer incarcerated artists.

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