Dikko Faust


Dikko Faust founded Purgatory Pie Press when he was doing grad work with Walter Hamady at University of Wisconsin in 1977. He taught Letterpress and Typography at the Center for Book Arts, as well as School of Visual Arts, Cooper Union, Princeton, Rutgers, and workshops throughout the US, Canada, England, and Germany. In these workshops, he also offers his services as Type Detective, identifying UTF’s (unidentified typefaces). For recreational reading, he prefers old type catalogs. He did extensive research for Esther K Smith‘s Rizzoli reprint of William H Page’s Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type, Borders &c. Purgatory Pie Press has exhibited at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Harvard University, and many other art centers throughout the world, including more than a dozen Center for Book Arts exhibitions– starting with CBA’s 5 year anniversary exhibition.

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Dikko Faust’s work was exhibited in:

2003 Instructors’ Exhibition

A Tale of Two Cities
2 books each by 10 artists from New York and 10 artists from Bristol, England

Inky Fingers
works by small & fine presses

Masters of the Craft
works by instructors of book arts

Book Arts in the USA
an exhibition of work by 51 artists; a cultural presentation of the United States of America

Printers in Residence
the work of six presses and one bookbinder at The Center for Book Arts

The Altered Page
selections from The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry

New Work
the 1986 annual Artist Members Exhibition

Center for Book Arts: The First Decade
an exhibition at The New York Public Library

Book Makers
Center for Book Arts first five years

The Naked Book

Celebrating Artist Members
30th Anniversary Members Exhibition

Multiple, Limited, Unique

Americans Looking In
Organized by Emilie Ahern and Sherry Littlefield

Math Without Tears
Artist Member Exhibition