Amir Parsa


Amir Parsa was born in Tehran, attended French international schools, studied at Princeton and Columbia, and currently lives in New York. He has created new literary genres and forms, translated poetry, performed his polylingual texts in various venues around the world, and published over fifteen literary works, including Erre, Drive-by Cannibalism in the Baroque Tradition, and the limited edition L’opéra minora, a multilingual literary epic written in English, French, Farsi, and Photographic that also encroaches on the ‘book arts’ space. Overall and through the years, his books, performative and exhibition-based projects, artistic fusions and transdisciplinary interventions and disruptions have dazzled and bedeviled, enchanted and pissed off, and drawn all kinds of praise and scorn. He is the co-creator of The Book minor and the founding director of The Nexus for Interdisciplinary and Individualized Study at Pratt Institute, where he also teaches and directs the Pratt Integrative Courses.

Portrait of Amir Parsa with a cityscape behind him. He is looking directly at the camera